Preliminary/Preparatory Visit Booklet

The Preliminary/Preparatory Visit  booklet is one of a series designed as supplements to ‘Journey to Excellence’, the 8th Edition of the CIS/NEASC Guide to School Evaluation and Accreditation (Version 8.2), henceforward referred to as The Guide.  The series of supplements provides more detail about each stage of the accreditation process and offers practical advice (with illustrative examples) to schools in different phases of the accreditation process and to assigned Visitors to schools.

This particular booklet is designed for the benefit of Preliminary/Preparatory Visitors and for faculty and leadership in schools about to undergo such visits.  

We trust that Visitors and schools will find this document to be a useful supplement to The Guide, and we wish you good luck in the drive for school improvement.

Download the Preliminary/Preparatory Visit  booklet, Version 8.2.

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