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8th Edition -The Main Guide

For many years, the 8th Edition Protocol (School Improvement through Accreditation "Journey to Excellence in International Education") set standards of high quality for International Education. In 2016, CIE introduced ACE, its groundbreaking accreditation protocol which presents a fundamentally different approach to accreditation. All CIE member schools will eventually transition from the 8th Edition protocol to ACE according to a schedule based on their current status in the accreditation cycle.

Schools still using the 8th Edition protocol should refer to the 8th Edition of The Main Guide "Journey to Excellence in International Education" School Improvement through Accreditation co-authored and co-copyrighted by NEASC and the Council of International Schools (CIS). It can be used in schools undergoing evaluation by NEASC alone, by CIS alone, by NEASC and CIS in partnership, or by NEASC or CIS in collaboration with another approved agency.

View The Main Guide v8.2 (pdf)

View the 8th Edition Standards and Indicators (pdf)

View an overview of the 8th Edition Accreditation Process (pdf)