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February 4-5, 2020 - New York, NY, USA (AAIE International Leadership Conference, NEASC Sessions)

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Tuesday, February 4
1:00-2:30 PM (13:00-14:00)

The High School Diploma as a Catalyst for Transformation
Emerging from efforts starting in the late 1800’s led primarily by NEASC’s first leader, Harvard President Charles W. Eliot, the so-called High School Diploma has helped framed learning expectations for high school students throughout the US and in international schools worldwide for decades. Because of America’s unique brand of education oversight – by state or local (not Federal/national) authorities — the High School Diploma requirements varies from school to school (even within New England) and region to region, in contrast to the externally-controlled, test-driven, one-size-fits-all Diplomas of the IB or other national systems. Embraced fully, the pathway to the High School Diploma can be a powerful element within a healthy, student-centered learning ecosystem. With accreditation from a US regional accreditor, a school adds external recognition for its internally-developed Diploma. This workshop will present a short history of the development of the High School Diploma from the early conversations that created order out of the chaos of early American schooling, to the present day where schools throughout New England and beyond are innovating under the general framework of the High School Diploma, based on research of what works in education, and in alignment with expectations from both Ministries of Education and university admissions offices worldwide.

Participants will gain insights into the practices and promise of the High School Diploma as a tool to structure learning journeys in ways that correspond to a school’s mission, to local authorities’ and Ministry directives, and to university admissions requirements worldwide. Rather than seeing the Diploma merely as a fall-back option for students opting out other curriculum pathways to graduation, participants will begin to see how and where the High School Diploma can promote a school’s journey of transformation into a learning ecosystem focused on what matters: deep, impactful learning with students at the center.

Presented by
Jeff Bradley, Director, NEASC Commission on International Education
Tim Carr, Head of School, Avenues: The World School, Online

Wednesday, February 5
12:45-1:45 PM (12:45-13:45)

Panel Discussion - Accreditation: New and Diverse Perspectives Through Accreditation
The panel composed of leaders of accreditation associations — including Jeff Bradley, Director, NEASC Commission on International Education — will hold a conversation with the General Session participants and other panel members about the following areas: How can accreditation agencies be active in facilitating the focus of international education on “embracing the power of diversity” and making ”a difference on difference?" What are key factors of the accreditation process that are emerging as critical to these emphases on international school design and diversity of purpose? What are the tools or structures within the accreditation process to support the school innovations and leadership changes and above all, the future learning needs of students?