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NEASC/CIE is proud to announce that its groundbreaking new accreditation protocol, ACE, has been successfully implemented in several schools. All CIE member schools will eventually transition from the 8th Edition protocol to ACE according to a schedule based on their current status in the accreditation cycle.

To learn the basics of ACE, please visit the ACE Overview. For an indepth explanation of the conceptual framework that underpins ACE, a description of the various phases of the accreditation process, and a summary of the most significant differences to current protocols, you may also download/view the complete introductory document (pdf, A4 size):

ACE Introduction (pdf)


CIE will be offering workshops and other forms of training for schools preparing now, or in the near future, to engage in the ACE Learning protocol. Individuals who are interested in serving as an evaluator on a NEASC Accreditiation Visiting Team (a "visitor") are required to attend a one-day training workshop to ensure their readiness to conduct visits on behalf of NEASC. 

View upcoming ACE workshops >>


We believe that ACE proposes a compelling vision for school improvement and transformation and, by implementing this new model, together we can ensure that our children develop the understandings, aptitudes, dispositions, values, and competencies they need to become successful and responsible citizens of the world.

"Education needs a paradigm shift in order to meet the challenges of a new era and take advantages of new opportunities. We must abandon the employee-oriented paradigm that homogenizes children into workers for existing jobs, which are quickly disappearing. We need to adopt the entrepreneur-oriented paradigm to prepare children to become creative entrepreneurs who can create value for others. In this new paradigm, education is not about teaching or knowledge transmission. Rather it is about supporting learning. ACE provides an excellent framework and process that can help schools start the shift."

-- Yong Zhao, Ph.D., author of World Class Learners: Educating Creative and Entrepreneurial Students




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