a comprehensive school improvement process for schools abroad.


Commission on International Education (PS-12)

American and international schools located abroad may seek accreditation through the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and its Commission on International Education (CIE).  Online education academies and providers may qualify for accreditation if they meet eligibility requirements.  National Schools with embedded international programs may apply to enter the NEASC/CIE accreditation process if the programs are substantial, comprehensive, and leading to a school leaving certificate or diploma.  International institutions offering higher education programs of study must seek accreditation through the NEASC Commission on Institutions of Higher Education (CIHE).

Accreditation by NEASC/CIE indicates that a school meets high standards of institutional quality through a periodic process of self-study and peer review.  An accredited school has the resources to achieve its mission and educational objectives and provides evidence that its students benefit from the curricular and co-curricular program offered. 

The accreditation process provides an opportunity for the school to reflect in depth and critically on its programs, review its Guiding Statements, and asses its alignment with researched-based Standards of best educational practice.  The “Award of Accreditation” recognizes the quality of the evaluated school, reassures parents, teachers, universities, and governments, and results in sustained school improvement.

Please take a moment to read the overview of ACE Learning, our groundbreaking accreditation protocol to which all CIE member schools will eventually transition:



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